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The Divine Mother returns

There needed to be a translation in English of the most important text of this book, The Divine Mother returns.

Once you were called 'Mother',
as you did not know it;
Mother from the height and Mother of the one,
whose daughter you were, humble Queen.

Today, your children do not call you 'Mother',
because they are your children and cannot lay bands on the eyes,
and because of too much sun they have cut off the tongue.
You have a crown consisting of unspoken prayers,
You close a rosary from secret vows.

When you are opening the wounded hands, the o so wounded hands,
for Golgotha, for the Son,
always something is falling and always something is smiling.
You invisibly collect another crown out of the prayers of the humble and dumb,
for those who cannot pray today.
You know the chain linking the nations,
You know how much the Father pays for the Son,
and what it means to be a Mother denied.

When these children say: I have no Mother,
I don't recognize you Mother,
someone said the same in front of them, in a different tone,
without looking at you.
It was your father, it was your son, and you were not talking about forgiveness.

So you can forgive without words,
and thy wound is already so large,
that nothing can cure it,
nothing emanating from the children.

Today your children are old and tired,
and the ancient ones imagine to be orphans.
It is just a dream, humble Queen,
and you can gild them the dream with flowers.
Give each of your children a flower,
let them fall on every bed before the awakening.

And with new eyes, which look at the same flower,
the children of today will remember, comforted.
They will sing to you with the same voice, Mother.
These flowers will return warm to heaven,
and on that day your heaven is bursting out in colours.
Peace on earth and the ancient ones are becoming young.
The young ones are no longer orphans, at least not in pain.
Pray today, humble Queen, for the one who prays to you.

Page 147 - 148

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